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Who we are

We support the planning, implementation, and evaluation of digital learning environments in Arkansas. We provide the expertise in emerging online teaching and learning practices that allow for active learning, effective content authoring, personalized lesson design methods, and best practices in helping educators transform system-centered practices into student-focused practices.

What we do

We interact with media production workgroups, learning management systems and consultants, technology solution experts, pedagogical experts, curriculum design experts and educators around the globe.

Where we belong

We are a result of a partnership between the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Arkansas Education Cooperatives. We are committed to providing operational support to state projects, Arkansas Cooperatives and K-12 schools in the growing interest of blended learning and digital learning.


Our partnership with the Arkansas Educational Cooperatives, drives our deep commitment to helping the Co-ops, districts, schools, teachers, students and parents grow in areas of digital education.

We help educators determine the best method of digital education to meet their learning goals and to personalize learning for every student and educator in Arkansas. The next step is helping them reach their goals through developing a plan for implementation then using digital solutions supporting development, design and deployment of high quality, interactive digital education programs.

Education Cooperatives


Team Digital is coordinated in partnership between the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Arkansas Education Service Cooperatives. We have many community and educational partners who help us to achieve our goals.

Community Partners
Arkansas Community Foundation Logo

Arkansas Community Foundation     Visit Site

Arkansas Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization that fosters smart giving to improve communities.  The Community Foundation offers tools to help Arkansans protect, grow and direct their charitable dollars as they learn more about community needs. By making grants and sharing knowledge, the Community Foundation support charitable programs that work for Arkansas and partners to create new initiatives that address the gaps.

Educational Partners
Map of Arkansas

Arkansas Education Service Cooperatives (Arkansas ESC)     Visit Site

Education cooperatives were established in Arkansas through Act 349 of 1985 to provide to school districts three main areas of support. As defined by law, cooperatives were to provide to districts:

  • Assistance in meeting or exceeding accreditation standards and equalizing educational opportunities

  • Using educational resources more effectively through cooperation among districts

  • Promoting coordination between school districts and the Arkansas Department of Education in order to provide services which are consistent with the needs identified by school districts and the educational priorities of the state as established by the General Assembly or the State Board

ADE Logo

Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators (AAEA)      Visit Site

AAEA  is a united alliance of diverse school leaders whose mission is to ensure high standards of leadership by providing quality professional development, influencing education legislation and policy, stimulating and fostering support, and building successful coalitions. Their mission is to be the primary resource for school administrators by promoting and providing leadership for the advancement of education, and by engaging in activities that foster a public understanding and support for quality education.


Arkansas Department of Education (ADE)      Visit Site
The Arkansas Department of Education is a dedicated service agency that provides leadership, support, and service to schools, districts, and communities so every student graduates prepared for college, career, and community engagement.
The Digital Learning Unit works with several divisions of ADE.

Our Partners
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